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Playwriter & Director

Award Winning for Excellence in Film & Stage 2022
Award Winning TV Personality of the Year 2021
Multi-Published Author | Motivational Speaker | Playwright | Director | Actress |
Camera & Electrical Department | Production Manager

Margaret is a dynamic woman who takes pen in hand and flows in short stories, poems, and silent moments. She shares from a place of inner beauty to bring forth words that share reality, truths, and stories that edify, encourage, and simply just inspire the reader to want to read more and write their own inner desires of the heart. Margaret brings her Soul-Satisfying brand to the content she creates. Margaret’s writing career started in 2004 writing several encouraging and inspirational books. During a Radio Interview in 2016, Margaret was asked what was next? “A stage play blurted out with no idea what the play was going to be about” Margaret sat down at the dining room table pen in hand. She finished with her first Stage Play titled “The Game Changer” Stage Play about dating games, health care awareness, specifically HIV and just learning to wait on God for your mate. The Play debuted in 2016 at the Bowie Performing Arts theater in MD for two nights (s) and then began to tour with the first stop to Hempstead High School, NY to bring the arts to the students. The tour went on to DC to the Arc Theater and back to NY for its final show in October 2019 at the Jamaica Performing Arts theater in Queens NY.

Margaret enjoys being on set and creating content that is heartfelt, soul-stirring, and inspiring. Margaret was hired to a playwright for two new stage plays titled “Must be the Music” and “When Strangers Meet.” During this pandemic, Margaret literally flipped the script from writing plays and started MPB Publishing to afford novice Authors with an affordable publishing endeavor to bring their dreams to reality.  Margaret established MPB Entertainment, LLC.  Treachery, Lies & Deception made it's debut on September 10, 2022 in Maryland then on to NY October 15, 2022  and went on to ATL July 15, 2023. and where to next?? TOUR 24 is taking it's first stop in ATL June 8th, NY August 17th and Baltimore August 24, 2024.

Margaret is featured in various articles.

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Margaret  P Bean

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