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Telling Stories With Entertainment 

Treachery Lies & Deceit
  • Going on now via Zoom
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    Going on now via Zoom
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    Where Do We Go From Here... Trauma to Triumph!

Treachery illustrates hard hitting experiences of betrayal and violation not only of secrets but of body, mind, and soul. Friendships will be tested but love conquers all through forgiveness.

Treachery Lies & Deception

Meet The Director

Playwriter & Director


Margaret is a dynamic woman who takes pen in hand and flows in short stories, poems, and silent moments. She shares from a place of inner beauty to bring forth words that share reality, truths, and stories that edify, encourage, and simply inspire the reader to want to read more and write their own inner desires of the heart. Margaret brings her Soul-Satisfying brand to the content she creates. Margaret’s writing career started in 2004 writing several encouraging and inspirational books. During a Radio Interview in 2016, Margaret was asked what was next? “A stage play blurted out with no idea what the play was going to be about” Margaret sat down at the dining room table pen in hand. She finished with her first Stageplay titled “The Game Changer” Stage Play about dating games, health care awareness, specifically HIV and just learning to wait on God for your mate. MPB Entertainment established to create Stories through Entertainment presented Treachery Lies & Deception to the stage on September 10th, 2022 in MD and then to NY on October 15th, 2022 more tour dates are being planned.  Treachery Lies & Deception deals with Mental Health Care Awareness and Domestic Violence.  Current project to present 2023 "We Do" ~ for Better or Worse! Auditions coming soon looking for great talent...

Meet The Cast

The cast of

treachery lies & deception 

Atlanta Show July 15, 2023

Entertainment (18)_edited.jpg

James Thompson 

Entertainment (19)_edited.jpg

Dion Hairston

Entertainment (13)_edited.jpg

Michelle Lovette


Shanika Wagner

Entertainment (12)_edited.jpg

Jania Newman 

Entertainment (16)_edited.jpg

Marquie Releford

Entertainment (14)_edited.jpg

Angelita McCants


Shar Bradford

Entertainment (10)_edited.jpg

James Thompson 


Gwen Lewis Assistant Director

IMG_1674 (1)_edited.jpg

Valerie Barnum, Stage Manager

Treachery (11) (1).jpg

MD, NY & Atlanta

Treachery Play Bill  (7).jpg
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